If you would like to have Amazing Stories review a publication or other product, PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING CAREFULLY

Reviews Editor Ricky L. Brown is responsible for assigning review materials to our review team.

BEFORE MAILING OR EMAILING ANYTHING, CONTACT Ricky L. Brown (rickylbrown (at) rocketmail (dot) com.

In addition:

We have no objections to electronic copies of books for review; it speeds things up and reduces costs for everyone.

Mailing a book to the Amazing Stories headquarters almost guarantees that the work will either be greatly delayed or will never receive a review. So please contact the Reviews Editor First!

Our process is the following:

Request a review from Ricky (usually involving a brief description of the work provided to him).

Ricky will assign a reviewer.

Ricky will provide you with a physical or email address for that reviewer.

You send the reviewer a copy;  the reviewer reviews it in a timely manner.

This system insures that you will receive a review from an official Amazing Stories reviewer, and in a timely manner.

It also helps reduce time and cost for all involved.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

NOTE:  Materials mailed to the wrong address will NOT be returned (they may be forwarded).

Ricky L. Brown is the official contact person for reviews at Amazing Stories;  Official requests for review copies will only come from Ricky L. Brown;  if you are contacted by others claiming to review product for Amazing Stories, please obtain their contact information and forward that information to Ricky.

If you desire, Ricky will provide you with a list of contact information for the vetted members of our review team.

Again, thank you very much for your cooperation.

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