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On Cover Mentions

Cover mentions. Every author loves them, but do they actually help sell magazines?

Scide Splitters: Next of Kin by Eric Frank Russell

Scide Splitters reviews Eric Frank Russell’s classic novel, Next of Kin. A story of one man’s ingenious plan to escape an alien POW camp.

Scide Splitters: Martians, Go Home by Fredric Brown

Science fiction writers had long warned the people of earth about the potential of a Martian invasion, but nothing could have prepared them for a billion jeering Little Green Men.


The January/February issue of The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction (F&SF) is under review by Steve, who likes it a lot, even though a couple of the stories kind of depressed him. You will probably like it too!

Scide Splitters: 1941 Retro Hugo Eligible Novelettes

The second of a three part series in which Scide Splitters examines humorous stories eligible for the 1941 Retro Hugos Awards.

Judging Books by Their Covers: Agent of Vega

No one loves space opera more than I do.

Hugo Award by the Numbers Part 4

Since 1966, the average length of Hugo nominated novels has more than doubled...

Review: Hide and Seek by Arthur C. Clarke

The short story Hide and Seek by Arthur C. Clarke takes two distinctly different stories and blends them together in a cohesive journey that readers can enjoy simultaneously.

Scide Splitters: The Great Explosion by Eric Frank Russell

Scide Splitters reviews Eric Frank Russell’s hilarious classic, The Great Explosion – possibly the funniest libertarian science fiction novel ever written.

ROBERT A. HEINLEIN’S JUVENILES: Are they still good? (Part One)

I seem to be unable to do single columns about stuff I’m passionate about. Heinlein is no exception. Robert A. Heinlein, who was characterized...

Who Goes There? The Thing?

The Thing. The iconic black and white film from 1951 actually titled The Thing from Another World. Even with all of the name variations and numerous cinematic remakes, to most of us it will was and always will be The Thing. Or was it?

The Science Fiction Hall of Fame Retro Read (Part 1)

Steve begins a new series of reviews devoted to examining the contents of what is arguably the single greatest anthology of science fiction's first half-century - The Science Fiction Hall Of Fame, edited by Robert Silverberg and selected by the members of SFWA. Individual stories will be examined in order, with particular attention being paid to their suitability for today's readers, as well as their place in SF literary history.

The Artful Collector: Should You Worry About Forgery in SF Art?

How important is Fraud in the SF/F art market? I could write lengthy blogs on how forgers break down and then reconstitute the same clay...


In 1939 Farnsworth Wright began a move away from Sword & Sorcery. With Robert E. Howard dead, he no longer championed the dark fantasy...

Playing the Short Game: How to Sell Your Short Fiction (Part...

Where to First?: How to choose short fiction markets Welcome back. This is the seventh in my weekly (more or less) series of posts on...

No. 5 – John W. Campbell, Who Goes There?, The Ultimate...

John W. Campbell, aka - Don A Stuart, wrote for Astounding Science-Fiction. His work Who Goes There? was voted the best science fiction novella...