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Reedición de libro: Cosmografía Profunda de Laura Ponce.

Laura Ponce's collection of stories Cosmografía General has been re-issued in Spain.


Thoughts on Worldcon76 and an official statement about those results.

Reseña de Libro: Antología de Escritoras Españolas de Ciencia Ficción. 1...

A review of the two volume anthology set from Sofía Rhei, Lola Robles and Teresa López-Pellisa, focusing on Dystopias and Post-Humanism

Novedades de mayo

The latest in Hispanic science fiction on TV, in books, magazines and conferences.

Toxic fandom: the abuse directed at The Last Jedi’s Kelly Marie...

Toxic Fandom is really Toxic Fan Dumb.

La SFPA Busca Miembros Latinoamericanos

A call out for Latin American Specfic Poets to join the Science Fiction and Fantasy Poetry Association

Novedades de abril.

Fantasy author Claudia De Bella passes, Laura Ponce free stories for download, LDP magazine #56, celebrating women, released, and more

LGBTQ+ Initiative for WorldCon76

Another fine attendance initiative for this year's Worldcon!

Super Heroínas Peruanas.

Short interviews with the creators and writers of Peruvian SuperHeroines La Chola Power and Girl Caffeine. (This is really cool!)

Book Reviews: The self-Inflicted Relatives and Never Stop. Two anthologies on...

Tanya takes a look at two Finnish anthologies in translation, a rare treat, as Finnish fiction is rarely translated into English/

The Last Jedi backlash: Some of the fan reaction is truly...

Does everything have to be political? Apparently, yes. Even Star Wars reviews.

Interview: Meet Iraqi Writer Saad Hadi

An interview with Iraqi SF/F author Saad Hadi

Feliz Año con Novedades de Noviembre y Diciembre

A round up of publications, new issues and events.

Novedades de Octubre

News of speculative fiction book publications, magazines and more of interest to Spanish speaking fans.

“Se trata de evitar abusos, de evitar sexismo y racismo, no...

Los que estamos acostumbrados a los diviertidos Finncones, nos sentimos un poco decepcionados de que algunas cosas no funcionaran bien en la Worldcon. Me...

Nueva Publicación en Finlandés: Cuentos sobre Sauna

¿Y qué hago promocionando un nuevo libro en finlandés en este blog? Pues que una de mis historias se encuentra en él. La historia va...

Entrevista a Cristina Jurado, Nueva Editora de Ficción Internacional de Apex...

An interview with Cristina Jurado, who will be an editor for Apex Magazine for works in languages ​​other than English.

Novedades de agosto

New book releases, a television series, radio interviews and so much more!

Worldcon 75, Algunas Reflexiones /Worldcon 75, Some Thoughts (Bilingual Post)

An overview of some of the problems at this year's WorldCon in Helsinki.

Worldcon day 3. HUGO TIME!!!!! Worldcon día 3: EL HUGO (Bilingual...

Video and images from day 3 of Worldcon 75

Worldcon day 1/día 1 (Bilingual Post)

Worldcon Report #1

Presencia hispanohablante en la WorldCon 2017

Happening in Helsinki! Tanya covers the beat.

Dr… Who? Or the Revenge of the Feminazi

So, a female Doctor is coming. Is the casting really a sign of the apocalypse, as some fanboys would have us believe?

DR… WHO? O la Feminazi vuelve a atacar

There has been a strong reaction to the announcement that the next Dr. will be played by a woman. This article gives the reaction of some Spanish speculative fiction professionals.

Novedades de Junio en Hispanoamérica

News of book releases, writing contests and other speculative fiction events of interest to Spanish speakers.

Review of Drew Hayden Taylor’s Take Us to Your Chief

In the short story collection Take Us to Your Chief, Canadian author Drew Hayden Taylor proves that Native science fiction can be both entertaining and serious about Native history and life.

Presentándoles: Worldcon 75 en Helsinki

Some of the organizers of the WorldCon in Helsinki tell readers what excites them about the con. (Spanish)

SF’s Cult Success and OCD

Is the growth of fandom limited by neurodiversity?

Entrevista con la Premiada Autora sueca Karin Tidbeck

An Spanish interview with new weird author Karin Tidbeck.

Novedades de Enero

January was a busy month for Spanish language speculative fiction, with many book and magazine releases, calls for stories and more!