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Noticias Literatura 14-12

Information about the release of WhiteStar, an anthology of short stories inspired by the works of David Bowie, and other projects of interest to Spanish speaking fans of speculative fiction.

Novedades de Octubre y Noviembre en Hispanoamérica

Como la semana pasada "Computer said no" y no pude publicar mis novedades de octubre, pues ahora publico dos pájaros de un solo tiro....

Beam me up, Fernández

Cuban science fiction writers talk about what Star Trek meant to them.

Novedades de Julio en Hispanoamérica

Books, comics, podcasts, conventions...if you don't read spanish, you're missing a lot!

Reseña de Libro: Buenos Aires Próxima

A review of the new anthology from the publishers of Proxima Centauri, edited by our own Laura Ponce!