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Two Amazing Things

Two recent bits of news worth bringing your unscheduled attention to

Today In Amazing Stories Our Featured Science Article by Gwen Whiting

This issues science feature Exploring New Horizons: Private Industry and the Quest for Space

Amazing News Weekly – 6/23

NEW CONTEST! WIN A COPY OF HAUNTINGS, edited by ELLEN DATLOW Amazing Stories is giving away one copy of Hauntings, edited by Ellen Datlow via a random drawing on...

A New Space Telescope Helps to Usher in a New Future

I think this is pretty cool.  A company with plans to mine asteroid, Planetary Resources, Inc., has just announced that they're putting a telescope...

From the In Box 5/30/13

Warning for Authors Space Telescope Kickstarter Via Lawrence Santoro on Facebook we are informed that editor Tony Giangregorio is back.  Please read Lawrence's blog post...

From the In Box 5/29/13

Fan Letter in Astounding Soul Wars Book Release Sofacon Promo Art (check out the cool poster for Amazing Stories!) Live Press Conference from Planetary Resources TODAY Via SF...

Planetary Resources Opening Space Frontiers to All (Livestream Event)

The following from Planetary Resources Planetary Resources’ team of engineers who have designed, built and operated spacecraft throughout the Solar System, including all of the recent...