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The Artful Collector: “Where Are They Now? Spotlight on Alan M....

It's hard to believe that we met Alan 28 years ago - I think it was his first SF Worldcon - In Atlanta, GA. ...

The Artful Collector: On Collecting Illustration Art that Isn’t . ....

The artful collector talks about illustrations, and the blurred line between private and commercial art.

The Artful Collector: Building a S/F Art Collection Today, Part 2

A look at building a collection of SF/F art in the modern era.

The Artful Collector: Fido Forever (or) The Fun of Fantasy Pet...

What you always wanted to know and never thought to ask about commissioning pet portraits.

The Artful Collector: Achieving Immortality Through Fantasy Art

The Artful Collector gives some pointers on commissioning portraits.